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New Orleans Cuisine
food-iFind New Orleans Foods and Cuisine including Cajun ~ Creole with our bakeries, caterers, Chefs, grocers, seafood, restaurants, recipes and Louisiana foods.
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New Orleans BakeriesNew Orleans Bakeries
New Orleans bakeries offer the best in pastries, cakes and cookies. Our bakeries are baking fresh everyday for you. For special occasions they offer wedding cakes, doberge cakes or Mardi Gras King Cakes to name a few.

New Orleans Catering Services for event cateringpeNew Orleans Catering Services
Catering services for your special occasions. New Orleans caterers offer the best in our local cuisine including mini muffulettas, crab fingers, crawfish etouffee, fried oysters and more.  Get on-site or off-site catering as needed.

New Orleans Famous ChefsNew Orleans Famous Chefs
When it comes to great food no one dies it better than our local Chefs.  New Orleans has many famous chefs including John Besh, John Folse, Paul Prudhomme, Donald Link, Susan Spicer, and Emeril Lagasse to name a few.

Makin' Groceries New Orleans StyleMakin’ Groceries New Orleans Style
New Orleans is known for it’s local grocers, fresh produce markets, local gardens and farms.  We have national chain supermarkets. Visit here for the local grocers where we shop (or as we like to say ‘make groceries’).

New Orleans Cajun  and other cuisine RecipesNew Orleans Recipes
Why Eat Anything Else? New Orleans Food is the best!  We have Cajun, Creole, New Orleans and Louisiana favorite recipes so you can serve our wonderful cuisine.  These recipes are sure to be a hit at any party or dinner.

New Orleans Seafood MarketsNew Orleans Seafood Markets
As we like to say here in Louisiana, the four seasons of the year are crawfish, crabs, shrimp and oysters.  Here in the New Orleans area we live to eat and talk about it. Our seafood markets offer raw or cooked seafood that’s in season.

New Orleans RestaurantsNew Orleans Restaurants
Over 200 restaurants serving every type of New Orleans cuisine. Cajun, Creole, Seafood, Italian, French and more. Whatever you are in the mood to eat, we have a restaurant that will meet your expectations.  ‘Let’s Go Eat!’

New Orleans Coffee, Beers and LiquorsNew Orleans Breweries, Coffee
New Orleans has gourmet coffees, coffee with chicory, local brewed beers and liquors. Take a tour of the New Orleans Rum Distillery or visit one of the local or Louisiana beer breweries for a taste and a tour.

New Orleans Cajun Gift BasketsNew Orleans Cajun Gift Baskets
Give a unique gift for that next occasion by choosing a New Orleans style Cajun gift basket. Filled with sauces and seasonings or New Orleans themed items with the fleur de lis or Mardi Gras goodies.  They will really love it!

New Orleans Pralines and CandiesNew Orleans Pralines and Candies
Local sweet pecans and cane sugar were plentiful and pralines were born. Look for pecan candies, pies and even pecan toppings among the Southern style sweets and chocolates at New Orleans praline shops.

New Orleans Seasonings and  Hot SaucesNew Orleans Seasonings, Sauces
Louisiana is best known for its hot sauces, spices and seasonings.  The most famous, Tabasco Sauce was given to soldiers, has been in orbit with NASA crews and is certified for use by Queen Elizabeth II.

New Orleans Mardi Gras King CakesMardi Gras King Cakes
New Orleans Mardi Gras King Cakes are almost always topped with sugar or frosting in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold. Some are filled with cream cheese, pralines or more!

New Orleans Beverage ServicesNew Orleans Beverage Services
We have listed the many beverage delivery services including coffee, water, tea, colas and much more.  Get the beverage you want delivered right to your home or office by using our listings with links and descriptions.

New Orleans Food OrganizationsNew Orleans Food Organizations
From Food Banks to Soup Kitchens, from Seafood Associations to Collective Gardening, there’s an organization to enlighten and inform.  We have them listed here for you quick access with description & links.


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